What is the essence of the project?

“Flaneur” is an experimental project designed to test our theoretical ideas. The main goal of the project is to attract an audience in the process of moviemaking. Now cinema is represented by a monologue of the author. It has always been an elitist form of art, which required a lot of money and special equipment, not to mention the technical skills. For the author was very difficult to reach the audience before the high-speed Internet and social networks appeared. Cinema, television, license and huge budgets. However, this step is passed. Now is time for the audience to get involved in the movie, the time for a new cinematic language!

Each of us can take part in that! The time for dialogue is coming!

What to do?

To take part in the project you need to make a short video-statement. The theme of that statement is “the road”. For us “Flaneur” is a person, who experiencing an incredible desire to move, to go ahead, to see, to live. Everything was for him a road.

"To be away from home and yet to feel oneself everywhere at home;
To see the world, to be at the centre of the world,
And yet to remain hidden from the world—impartial nature.
The spectator is a prince who everywhere rejoices in his incognito.
The lover of life makes the whole world his family."
Charles Baudelaire


How your video should look like?

We do not care about the technical side of your video. For us is important your “Statement”. This is what you want to say, is an incredible desire to move with which you cannot handle, is an emotion and feeling that born in you when you travel. Care little about literal perception of the road. It is can be anything: a trip around the World, a way to your work, a short walk in the park, a daily routine. No matter what are you have under your feet and what surrounds you, the matter is how you perceive it, how you enjoy it (for example, you can to deeply understand about what we are talking).

The big problem of our society is the low awareness. That is why a large part of our life eludes us. However, when you will go to the work next time just try to pay more attention to things that surround you. The road never repeats himself. Each time, here are new people and events, new smiles and dramas. That is exactly how we understand our road, our life.

What will happen?

We hope that you will have a lot of fun and joy when you will make your video. We are hoping that some of you will look at the world under a different point of view. And, on our part, we will make a movie with your participation and your statements. The movie, which will be unique for everyone. Just by two simple reasons:

  • It will wake your our feelings and memories.

  • The movie will be generated from your parts automatically. How will we do it? We will write more later :) You can to see all our news and updates.

The term of participation:

You must send the following to our email flaneur@oddcinema.com

  • The video, which expresses your view of the road and life. What does it mean for you? 
  • The short description (optional). 
  • The voice-over (optional). 
  • Your name and country. 
  • Your email. 

You can use next services for sending a big files to us: WetransferGoogleDriveYandexDiskMailCloud.

For participation in the project - we accept absolutely everything within the following guidelines/restrictions: 

  • The time limit is less than 3 minutes. 
  • Work should not be contrary to morality or humiliate someone's dignity. 
  • This video is to be created by You (must not violate copyright, ). 
  • By submitting your work on a project you give us the full right to use it for our project (to show, to edit, to use for promotional purposes of that project) 
  • Works accepted now.
To follow our updates (there will be a lot more soon), . Are you having any questions? You can here or just ask us :)


Copyright and use of music

We ask you to be extremely vigilant in matters of copyright. Basically, of course, this will involve music.

We recommend that you use the following options:

  • To use natural audio sequence (sound of enviroment / city / road ..). Those which was recorded with your video.
  • We recommend to use the service jukedeck.com. It provides you with the tools to generate music. Quite good service, we do use it. In the free version you are allowed to download up to 5 melodies generated by you in the one month. Please indicate in description if you use that service.
  • Use the music under a free license. Basically it is a classic. In most cases, the work becomes available after 70 years. You can find an archive of such music, or check out license on archive.org
How to sent big files?

You can use next services for send a big files to us:

Who we are?

We are not yet a commercial project that deals with the study and development of new methods of communication between the product (in this case a movie) and the viewer. We consider the cinema as an opportunity for dialogue between the author and his audience. Our main goal is to test this theory. We have few ideas which should have a practical confirmation or refutation. Actually, this site will become a platform for experimentation and exchange of views and ideas with an interested audience. Here we offering people interested in our experiment a chance to participate in it. In case our experiment succeeds we will have a working method to use it in practice (software and theoretical part).

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